Sam Sings Pt. 5

Sam Sings is our extras, goof off, and behind the scenes, raw footage video series. It's been 3 years since we've released a Sam Sings video, no we're back. This one is off of the Gang Signs DVD. Enjoy

Rotten Milk Pt. 1

Rotten Milk is a mixtape of all of the footage that didn't make into any other projects. Riding - Sam Allgood, Jackson Bradshaw, Chase Davis, Evan Service, Parker Thompson, Jake Matskukawa Filming - Sam Allgood, Jackson Bradshaw, Evan Service Editing - Jackson Bradshaw "Girlfriend" - Ty Segall


Sam Allgood and Jake Matsukawa of 3B's have been working hard to put this video out. Couldn't be more excited on how it turned out. 20 minutes packed full of sick footage, these guys caught over two years. Featuring some of FOAD's finest. Jake Matsukawa shreds the hills. Izik has some real bike handling, whether its bombing hills or throwing down tricks. Great to see Parker Thompson shred, always one of my favorites to watch. Awesome work from Sam Allgood behind the camera.

Wolfdrawn - Sesh Tape 11

Can't believe there are already 11 sesh tapes out. I love this series from Wolfdrawn. This one is especially sick. Featuring Matt Spencer, Jackson Bradshaw, Izik Service, Evan Service, Sam Allgood, and Parker Thompson.

Chase Davis - Fairmont Photo Set

Chase Davis Biking Chase Davis Biking Chase Davis Biking Chase Davis Biking Chase Davis Biking Chase Davis Biking Cole Anderson took some rad photos of Chase Davis at Fairmont Skatepark. Cole really knows how to capture the action and I'm stoked on how these turned out. Check out more of Cole's photography on his flickr

flat blvck

This has been in the works for a while. Hyped that it finally dropped. Definitely worth the wait. Featuring some amazing Salt Lake City riders.

Gang Signs Hoodies

Evan Service and Chase Davis showcasing the new FOAD Gang Signs hoodies. Get yours here

Evan Service - Friday On My Mind

Evan Service's been casually catching clips over the past year. Evan showing his classic style, clean and effortless. Stoked on some of the stuff he threw down in this. Ender is definitely my favorite. #fixiefamous


We decided to take bike-camping journey from Salt Lake City to Antelope Island on the Great Salt Lake. We had a blast on the ride, and exploring Antelope Island. Riding - Jackson Bradshaw, Serge Du Preez, Evan Service, Parker Thompson FIlming/Editing - Jackson Bradshaw "I'll Never Belong" - The King Khan & BBQ Show