We decided to take bike-camping journey from Salt Lake City to Antelope Island on the Great Salt Lake. We had a blast on the ride, and exploring Antelope Island. Riding - Jackson Bradshaw, Serge Du Preez, Evan Service, Parker Thompson FIlming/Editing - Jackson Bradshaw "I'll Never Belong" - The King Khan & BBQ Show

Chase Davis - 2015 Jams

Chase Davis has been working on this for the past six months or so. This kid is amazing, always learning new tricks, and throwing down at every spot. Clean style, huge hops, and effortless bars. Be on look out for more from Chase in the near future. Riding - Chase Davis Filming - Sam Allgood, Jackson Bradshaw, and Evan Service Editing & Motion Graphics - Jackson Bradshaw "Bam Bam" - Sister Nancy

Parker Thompson - Gang Signs Extras

Some of Parker's extra clips that didn't make it into Gang Signs. Decided to release these in support of Parker and his family. Parker was in a very bad cycling accident, and suffered major head trauma, a broken leg, and multiple other wounds. Parker has pushed through and is making a solid recovery. You can get more information and updates at Pray for Parker and watch the full Gang Signs video here

Concrete Waves

Some clips we caught at a few different skateparks around Salt Lake. Featuring Evan Service, Chase Davis, Parker Thompson, Matt Spencer, Jackson Bradshaw

Alley Photos

Got a few flicks of Chase Davis and Evan Service at an alley way spot in Salt Lake. Testing out a new lens, and I think they turned out nicely.


Chase Davis getting an x-up 360 out of the bowl at Sandy Skatepark. Shot by Jackson Bradshaw

Evan Service - Double Tire

Evan Service doing a wild double tire ride over some hose. Photo by Jackson Bradshaw


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