Garbage Kendamas Citrus Dream X FOAD Sam Allgood BB17 Serpent

Photos By: Jake Matsukawa @3bsdeathhatetrackkrew

FOAD order some stickers

"I painted the snake belly on my serpent to match the chain" -Sam Allgood @shaeshdfeeshd

Garbage Kendamas Citrus Dream Sticky Custom. Hand dyed, Hand painted

Garbage Life

Jackson Bradshaw - Gang Signs Extras

I had so much extra clips for Gang Signs that I decided to put together a little edit with all of the tricks I wasn't fully satisfied with.

3BS Shit Ol Klips

Some rad smashing footy of Jake Matsukawa smashing around Salt Lake. We filmed with him for Gang Signs and this dude rips

Gang Signs Full Length

FOAD started off as group of highschool kids back in 2007 who found friendship in riding bikes. Bombing hills, doing tricks, and causing a ruckus around town. Since that time we became more interested in the freestyle side of fixed gear. Six months ago we decided to take things one step further by making a full length video. Each rider brings their unique style to the table. Evan Service is always smooth and effortless. His younger brother Izik Service has a huge bag of tricks that is always expanding. Sam Allgood destroying on his 29er. Parker Thompson recklessly blasting with his signature nose heavy landings. Jackson Bradshaw's emphasis on creative tricks. And FOAD's youngest rider Chase Davis smooth riding and huge hops. We decided to take it back to our roots and involve more local shredders by adding a "Back To Track" section. We are also excited to have our friends from abroad contribute to the video, coming out of California, Washington, and Berlin. We're all just a bunch of weirdos riding weird bikes. Everyone has their own gang, and FOAD is ours. Edited/Directed by Jackson Bradshaw Filmed by Sam Allgood, Jackson Bradshaw, and Evan Service DVD's are now available at . DVD includes 25 minutes of extras, and stickers with purchase.


rad one from bence babinecz / his first video, i'd love to see more


always solid entertainment from chi town bois

Gang Signs Teaser #2

Gang Signs is FOAD's full length fixed gear video featuring both trick and traffic riding. Over 40 minutes run time.

Gang Signs will be premiering 7pm at 1130 south Richard street for Velo Weekend, REGISTER NOW

DVD PRE ORDERS are now open. DVD is for the diehard FOADies, who want something to cuddle with at night. DVD includes 25 minutes of extras, and stickers with purchase.

Gang Signs will also be free to watch on vimeo starting June 15th Midnight (so really Sunday night)

Sections Include:
Evan Service
Izik Service
Parker Thompson
Back To Track
Chase Davis
The Homies
Sam Allgood
Jackson Bradshaw

Gang Sign Full Length Teaser

Well everyones doing it and we decided to follow suit. Not exactly, but we decided after capturing a bunch of footy that we wanted to make something substantial. We've been working hard over the past 9 month to catch footage for "Gang Signs". This crew video will feature Sam Allgood, Jackson Bradshaw, Chase Davis, Evan Service, Izik Service, Parker Thompson, and the homies. In addition to a track section, taking it back to the roots of fixed gear freestyle.

The movie will premier as a part of Velo Weekend June 13, 2014. Velo Weekend is local cycling event put on by Velo City Bags, featuring many events including a fixed gear freestyle trick competition. We would love to have some fellow riders come out to enjoy the event and our video premier in Salt Lake! If you are interested in coming from out of state email so we may figure out a way to accommodate you. More details to follow, be sure to scope #foadgangsigns on instagram for photos.

Gang Signs Insta Roll

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