SPK - Downtown Cruise

Always have to support the local duders slayin the game.

We Not Out Here Park Edit

Some local BMX shredders killing the We Are One indoor park. Cameron Wood with the ender.

Stickers and Beanies Now Available

It's been a while since we've dropped some product. We've made a few different graphics but this time we decided to take it back to the OG logo on some beanies and die-cut stickers. Check out the teaser
Both beanies and stickers are available in our bigcartel

Royal HC - Quick Clip Jackson Bradshaw and Evan Service

Paul from Royal HC was interested in adding Evan Service and I to the flow team. When he wanted us to send him some footage for a quick clip, I thought it would be cool to fit both of us into a single video.

The Tanner Park Story

An awesome short documentary on Salt Lake's famous Tanner Park dirt jumps. Cam Wood and the homies building it from scratch, super inspiring. I just wish I wasn't such a wimp to ride the things.

Coalatree Organics - Weekend In Moab

Such a rad video. I really want to make it down to Moab and film some fixie shit.

Chase Davis for FOAD

Chase Davis is Salt Lake City young gun who has been riding with our crew for the past while. The kid is wildely talented and straight slays. You can find him at fairmont park cruising around. He has a supper buttery style and keeps it locked tight. Had a good time filming this with him, he really stepped his game to put this one together. Good to have you officially part of the crew Chase!

Halloween Teaser

put together this creepy little teaser for halloween. More to come.


Lucas Bockelmann made his way all the way out from Virginia to come to this past Summer Fix in Venice Beach, CA. He got a bunch of great footage of Parker Thompson, Evan Service, myself and the rest of the homie out in Long Beach and LA. I had a great time riding and getting to know the dude. His filming and editing style is really on point, I've watched this one over and over