3B's | Jake Matskukawa

Filmed in 3 days with broken straps, shitty weather and less than a week away from major eye surgery. Good riding from Jake, epic shots from Sam Allgood.

2011 Lost Edit

Evan Service found this bit of gold on his computer. Old lost footage from 2011. Pretty funny to watch now and how much we have progressed.

Infra-Edit #1

The new camcorder I bought has an infrared recording feature. Decided to utilize this feature during our trip to Vegas for Interbike. More to come

3B's | I Don't Need A Reason

Another rad edit from Jake with 3B's. Featuring a bunch of Salt Lake chillers&killers. My favorite 3B's video thus far


Salt Lake always seems to have a lot going on in terms of action sports. VISHNU doing it big. There's some gnarly stuff in here and cool clothes. Hyped to see what these guys are gonna bring to the table

Izik Service | Madman

Some nice riding and kendama action from Izik Service. On point production from Sam Allgood

Chase Davis for Velo City Bags

Chase Davis is FOAD's youngest rider. From 1080 keospins to truckdrivers, Chase continues to progress. He definitely stepped up his game for this one. Chase showing his talents for local bag and strap company Velo City Bags. Chase went hard and definitely shows their straps can hold up to the abuse of fixed gear freestyle. Very excited to finally release this.

Evan Service - Wallride

Nice shot by Matt Spencer of Evan Service hitting a nice wallride in Las Vegas, Nevada during Interbike weekend.


the FOAD boys riding the Trailside dirt jumps and skatepark, Park City, UT
Featuring - Sam Allgood, Jackson Bradshaw, Evan Service, Izik Service, and Parker Thompson
Filmed - Jackson Bradshaw and Parker Thompson
Edited - Jackson Bradshaw