SLUG Mag Bike Issue - The Good Times Are Killing Me

SLUG Mag FOAD Fixed Good Times Are Killing Me Every May SLUG Magazine releases a bike issue, featuring local cyclists around Salt Lake and Utah. This issue Julia Sachs did a write for our upcoming film The Good Times Are Killing. Check it out online or pick one up anywhere cool!

Rotten Milk Pt. 3

Our 3rd and last installment of the Rotten Milk series

Jake Matsukawa For DODICI Pt 2 "Night Creepin"

Jake Matsukawa in his 2nd edit for his frame sponsor Dodici. Some rad riding in here, all under the cover of night. Jake shreds the streets hard. Sam Allgood captured it all well behind the camera.

The Good Times Are Killing Me Trailer

A trailer for FOAD's second and final full length film, "The Good Times Are Killing Me" set to release Summer 2016. Check out updates at and #FOADgoodtimes Featuring - Sam Allgood, Johnathan Ball, Jackson Bradshaw, Wes Brown, Chase Davis, Steven Jensen, Jake Matsukawa, Matt Reyes, Dylan Row, Evan Service, Izik Service, Mike Schmitt, Matt Spencer, Parker Thompson, Filmed By - Sam Allgood, Benjamin Altenes, Jackson Bradshaw, Chase Davis, Zane Meyer, Parker Thompson, Matt Spencer, Evan Service Edited By - Jackson Bradshaw "The Madness Of Summer" - Croatian Army "Gutting Catfish" - Suicide Boys

Suck My Cog - Jackson Bradshaw GTK Interview

Jackson Bradshaw did an interview with Suck My Cog for their new GTK series. Read up on the roots of fixed gear, creativity, and FOAD's upcoming full length "The Good Times Are Killing Me", over at Suck My Cog

Jake Matsukawa - “Just Tryin’ Ta Have A Little Fun”

Rad solo vid from Jake Matsukawa of 3B's, doing it for Dodici. Cleaning riding, editing, and filming. Shredding the streets.

Wolfdrawn - Sesh Tape 14

Another awesome seshtape from Wolfdrawn featuring Kareem Shehab, Justin Mitchell, Elliott Milner, Ian Walker, Matt Spencer, Evan Service, Jackson Bradshaw, and Matt Reyes.

Wheeltalk's Top 15 of 2015

Wheeltalk created "Top 15 of 2015", a list of the top fixed gear freestyle web edits of 2015. There's some really amazing riders and edits on the list, Johnathan Ball coming in first for his amazing edit "To Be Continued".  FOAD rider Jackson Bradshaw came in 3rd with his edit "Technique Fleek". Up and coming rider Chase Davis came in on the list at 9th for his edit "Chase Davis: 2015 Summer Jams". Check out the rest of the awesome edits over at Wheeltalk, and rewatch FOAD's edits below:

Rotten Milk Part 2

Rotten Milk is a mixtape of all of the footage that didn't make into any other projects. Riding - Sam Allgood, Jackson Bradshaw, Chase Davis, Evan Service, Parker Thompson, Carson Cahoon, Jake Matskukawa Filming - Sam Allgood, Jackson Bradshaw, Evan Service Editing - Jackson Bradshaw "Looking Through the Scope" - Chris Travis