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I personally love doing ledge and rail tricks.  Since I moved to Seattle I have been riding around a lot looking for spots; I have definitely found some pretty fun places to sesh.  I have also waxed up a few untouched ledges around town.  Some people will use candles to wax ledges and others just buy wax from skateshops. Both of those options tend to be expensive, and it's not like you need a ledge to smell pretty --although that might be nice.  During my younger years when I used to skateboard, my friends and I always used paraffin wax.  It's the most basic form of wax without all the pretty dyes and smells.  Paraffin wax has a number of different uses and can be found at most grocery stores, although when I was back in Utah I couldn't ever get a hold of this stuff.  I think the mormons must have something against wax products.  Now that I am in Seattle I was able to find it at a QFC for around 2 bucks. 
A couple applications of this stuff, and you'll have a ledge that's smoother than butter.
  Although it doesn't always end well.

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