Mark Gonzales

Mark Gonzales is truly a skateboard legend. A lot of people seem to hate on him, but I think he fucking kills it. Check out his part from Real Skateboard's "Kicked out of Everywhere"

Such a unique style, so many wacky but truly amazing tricks. He also has great taste in sandwiches. This summer I got to check out the Gonz Gap in London (not Embarcedero).  Definitely did not attempt it but the tranny was pretty fun to pump and cruise around on.
Tom Lamarche also did this gap while he was riding for Charge. Back to Mark Gonzales. What a character. Check out his attempts to kickflip a bike as well as a day in the life:

"If your gonna do nose wheelies, do a fuckin' nose wheelie bro" dude cracks me up, I think we could all learn a lot from this man.

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