This past summer I had the wonderful opportunity of backpacking through Europe. One of the places that I visited was Paris, France. While I was there I had the pleasure of meeting Matteo from Geometrick. I know this video's a little old but Nico from Geometrick kills it, especially for being 16.

Paris has so many sick spots, unfortunately it wasn't financially or logistically feasible to bring my bike so I instead I brought my skateboard to satiate my tricking needs.
 While I was there I stumbled upon the famous globe spot.  You may recognize it from a few years back when the Fixed Gear London guys and Tom Lamarche killed it on this thing
Super Ted straight destroyed this thing.  It was pretty hard to skate, having been there gives me a greater appreciation of how gnarly these guys are.

If I am going to talk about fixed gear and Paris I can't forget the GOrilla in Paris videos. An oldie but still so good, Wonka always kills it. I love watching old edits and seeing how things have progressed. And while I am still talking about oldies and Paris, I have to mention Eric Koston's part in Menikmati. 

Eric Koston throws down. Some amazing stuff for the time, I can't believe it was 11 years ago that this video came out. Menikmati was the first skate video I had ever owned, on top of that it was red VHS. KILLER!


  1. didnt isac break his gorilla frame?

  2. Yeah he broke it during the veloweekend trick comp