Tate Roskelley

Utah native Tate Roskelley, can definitly get down, the dude is so creative on his bike. I have had the pleasure of meeting and riding with him on a couple of different occasions. I feel that their is often tension with BMXers and the FGFS scene --I know I have had a few run-ins-- but Tate is totally chill and supports anybody with a pair of wheels. Pretty rare that you find someone as good as him who isn't bloated on his own ego. This past July SLUG Mag (Salt lake Underground) did an interview with Tate, check it HERE

On a dramatically less-cool-note, the bank that Tate does his famous super bike slide has long been a favorite spot of my friends and I. Here's a picture of me on my first fixed gear conversion about 4 four years ago doing a lovely balls-to-stem skid, as well as a video Sam Allgood made of me doing an old school 720 keo.


  1. slug did an article on me in july issue too

  2. I know I was planning on posting that up later, I already had enough content for one posting