John Motta's Hidden Agenda

When I saw the thumbnail for the last video I posted I originally thought it said John Motta. Being one of my favorite skateboarders I was stoked when this video popped up in my vimeo inbox feed a few minutes later. Pretty rad shit, John Motta is so fucking creative. The video itself is a little bit interesting, I thought it was funny at first but got annoyed after 2 minutes in. Video was upload by easter bunny and heres the story behind the edit:

"I happened to find a hidden easter egg on the skate mental website in mottas team page questionnaire it brought me to a link of a file host website wich had a compressed file of all of mottas raw unedited footage and in the folder was a letter written and signed by his mom explaining why they hid the footage on the site, the letter basically said he wasnt happy with his footage cuz while he was filming it the year prior he was dealing with severe bipolar 2 mental disorder in and out of the hospital and was told by doctors not to do any physical activity on the meds he was given, so he wanted to have the footage hid on the website for someone to find it and leak it or edit it and so i was that person to find it and heres what i made haha"

Check out a couple of his other videos here

1 comment:

  1. Who the fuck is that fat fuck in a wife beat?
    This song sucks
    The filler music video is so whack, NY hat in LA? Miami? Some east coast beach bum fat fuck bullshit.
    Weird concept, Hella sick skating.
    I've always thought about how it would be possible to transfer from one side of a full pipe to the other.
    Some crazy shit in there.
    Mute for sure.. Haha