Wolfdrawn - Fixie Of The Day

Came across Wolfdrawn's "Fixie of the Day" blog post, and it is pretty damn hilarious.  One of the 3 sik fiksees featured is Salt Lake duder Dylan R's.  Dylan's gotten a lot of shit for converting his 24'' cruiser to a fixed freestyle bike.  On one hand it does look funny but definitely not any more ridiculous (and it's at least more practical) than some of the old school tarck set-ups:
I got to try out his bike once and to Dylan's credit it actually rides better than I had imagined.  I am 6'1" so it was damn small for me, but for how tall he is 24's are pretty comparable to 26's.  I don't think a movement from 26" to 24" will ever happen, and I think that's the way it should be.  Overall I fully believe that as long as you're out there riding and having fun that's all that matters.

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