FuckFace Of The Week #6

Alright so this is an old one, but still good none the less. I feel bad for this kid, he wrecked himself pretty hard. What makes this the FuckFace Of The Week is his blatant inability to properly ride a fixed gear without brakes. If your going to be out there on the roads, bombing hills and riding in traffic you need to be able to stop yourself. Ballz2stem skids do not count. It's pretty hypocritical of me to say this, but wear a helmet and get a brake! I know brakes and helmet aren't that cool but neither is your fucking head smashed to pieces because you weren't able to stop yourself before a red light. Know your abilities and progress, then you can pretend your in MASH. Check out more FuckFaces here

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  1. he was pretending to be in council of doom. this was about 4 blocks away from the doom house, and took place while we were filming. i guess we made a bad impression on newport harbor high school.