Fucked Friday - Defensive Riding 101

Alright so this post is less fucked than the usual Fucked Friday, but that is what makes it awesome. I don't know how this guy manages to stay on his feet, but somehow he pulls it off. This video goes down in Seattle and I've run this light numerous times and luckily I have never had this occur. It's a little unclear as to whose fault this is, although I am going to guess the cyclist.  Either way it serves as a reminder to be observant for other people's stupidity whether you're riding or driving. Check out some more Fucked Fridays

1 comment:

  1. it was his fault he got thrown off the bike, his fault he probably broke his leg, and his fault that the accident even happened. you can NEVER stop a car using your body weight or strength NEVER!!!! EVER!!!! cars DO NOT stop from the force exerted by a human EVER!!!!!

    bitch was dumb as fuck for continuing through traffic when all the other cars were stopped so i would definitely smash her face with my u lock for doing that, but in general if he had just cut hard left and sped up instead of sticking out an extremity to be disfigured he woulda been better off