SLUG MAG Interview w/ Cam Wood

Cam Wood boosting outside of The Wood Shop The shredder himself Salt Lake City BMX legend Cam Wood opened up his own shop called The Wood Shop this past August. Cam's shop has a super sick setup, all of the tires and bikes are hung up by shovels along with a bunch of other nifty things. It's the only BMX dedicated shop in the Salt Lake area, and they always stock some rad shit. Evan Service got a custom BMX build from them this past December and it is super dialed. If you are in the area be sure to stop by The Wood Shop, I highly recommend it. Cam Wood, Tate Roskelley, Matt Beringer, Mike Aitken along with the rest of the duders in Killjoy have really put Utah on the map for BMX. Often times BMXers are highly critical of the fixed gear scene -especially freestyle- but these duders have been nothing but welcoming. Be sure to check out SLUG Magazines interview with Cam and if you haven't seen Killjoy you are really missing out, so be sure to get on that shit.

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