Chris Clappe' Welcome To Holdfast

If you didn't already know Chris Clappe kills it. He always has such smooth style that fits perfectly with 29er steeze. I love the balance of quirky jib tricks alongside some big gaps and drops. Chris has been on Holdfast's new 29er frame for a while now. I've gotten to ride it around a few times now it is a great feeling bike.  Holdfast's new OX frame dropped today with sizes for 24, 26, and 29.

People can talk shit about 24 inch but I could give a fuck.  I think people should ride whatever fits and feels best.  I hate watching FGFS videos of little kids awkwardly trying to do tricks on a 29 wheelset that is obviously too big for them.  Trying to hold onto the "traditional track bike" is silly at this point, it has evolved so far from what it used to be. 

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