Salt Cycle Interview With FOAD

Photos by Tom Millar

 Most cyclists in the Salt Lake area who are at least slightly informed have probably heard of Salt Cycle. For those of you who haven't, they are a group of cyclists dedicated to promoting cycling of all kinds.   Last week Evan Service, Tom Millar of Salt Cycle, and I went for a ride around the city to discuss FOAD as well the sport of fixed freestyle as a whole:
We've come up with a few iterations of [FOAD], but I think our favorite is Feed Our Adorable Dolphins. Some others we have come up with in the last year are Flipping Off Albus Dumbledore, or, French Offspring and Dalmatians.
You can scope the full article here.  I had a good time cruising around and talking with Tom Millar.  Those of you living in Utah should be sure to join the Salt Cycle facebook group for updates on all sorts of events going on, also check out the Salt Cycle blog for more information on what's happening in the Salt Lake bicycle community. 

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  1. Thanks for the write up on the write up, Jackson. T'was a swell time riding with you and Evan. Let's do it again soon. This time, no cameras.