Tree 4130 Steel Splined Sprocket - Busted and Crusted

I usually don't want to use this blog as a forum for talking shit on products. In the case of Tree Bicycle Co's Tree 4130 Steel Splined Sprocket I think it's necessary to put out information so that people don't make the same mistake as Evan Service by running it on his FGFS bike. Tree definitely makes some great products, I had no problem with my 33t lite sprocket. Now I'm running their 25t OG spline drive sprocket which works awesome. I'm sure the steel sprocket works fine with BMX, but the added force of a fixed drivetrain certainly adds a lot of strain. I am not sure if steel sprockets are going to be the "way of the future", I have heard good things about the Spike steel sprocket, they certainly look rad, and steel sprockets tend to be less expensive as well. Until I know that a steel sprocket won't fold in half on me, I think I will stick with aluminum.

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