ZLOG - Sea Town Fix Up #3

ZLOG posted up the the 3rd edition of Sea Town Fix Up (STFU) featuring the ZLOG crew and a whole slew of riders up in Seattle including: Luis Crews, Greg Tyloski, Nelson Bell, Alex Garrett, Kareem Shehab, Zach Hoffner, Jacob Ruff, Chris Clappé, Tyler Johnson, and myself (Jackson Bradshaw). Nothing too serious in here, but that's what's great about it. Everyone's out just having fun with what ever they're doing, be it skateboard, BMX, or fixed. I'm out of Seattle, and back in Salt Lake for the time being but seeing this footage gets me stoked to head back up the Northwest. If you haven't seen STFU #1 or STFU #2 be sure to check 'em out. Keep slayin' duders!

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